See the World Anew

This is a moment of real promise. Over the next six days (and two years) at NYU Stern, a speaker, a topic, a classmate, could change everything. Send you on a thrilling new path, spark an idea or reinvigorate a vision you’ve had all along. Anything is possible.

Being open to pursuing the unforeseen takes skill, courage and wisdom, exactly what the world needs from business leaders now. Nowhere but at NYU Stern will leaders like you learn to balance deeply held values with the ability to ask the right questions, evolve, grow, and, ultimately, thrive. This is where your education in possible begins.

More than just orientation, it’s time to reorient your thinking.

Expand| Aug. 22 - Aug. 23


Freelancers’ share of the workforce by 2020, according to Intuit.

Experiment| Aug. 24 - Aug. 25


IBM predicts a full human brain simulation.

Explore| Aug. 28 - Aug. 29


People will make up the global middle class by 2030.